CURSO con PAOLA RIZZA, profesora de l’école Jacques Lecoq de París

Fecha: del 18 al 22 de julio de 2016

idioma: castellano

Paola Rizza
Born in 1961 in Milan (Italy). After a long journey that finally led her to a theatre where Jacques Lecoq was performing his lecture « Everything Moves », she enrolled in the school in Paris and followed the 2 year programme between 1983-1985.

She also studied with Philippe Gaulier, Monika Pagneux, Alain Gautré and Guy Freixe. She founded with Christian Lucas two companies : « Felix Culpa » centered on burlesque and « Caza House » centered on puppets and visual theatre.
Parallel to her acting career, under the direction of Philippe Desboeuf, Bernard Mallek and Jacky Pellegrini, she continued to deepen her research about puppets and objects, especially with Pierre Blaise of the « Théâtre sans toit » and Gilbert Epron of « Le Grand Manipule ». After working with different publics, she turned her attention to the circus world (ENACR and CNAC) and eventually became a stage and ring director with companies such as « Nova Nova », « Caroline Obin », « Nö », « d’Elles » and « Scabreuse », to name a few. She still continues this activity searching for the encounter between play and expert movement. After a Summer workshop at the school in 1995 Jacques Lecoq asked her to become part of the teaching staff. 
Jacques Lecoq’s vision, whether it be through pedagogy, acting, or directing, to form a complete actor-creator-mime and poet, remains a fundamental support, nevertheless in perpetual motion.
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