Professional Studies

The Professional Studies are open to people over 18 years old. The training is intensive: Monday through Friday, four hours a day are dedicated to the learning of drama. The learning process is based on the “Movement” and the game of improvisation and its rules.

The Program

The program is a 2 year course. Each year teaches a complete curriculum of performance skills and continues development of previous study – making for a coherent and progressive study programme. It encourages use of keen observational skills and documentation. There is freedom to imagine, but always with consideration towards the necessary technique and intensive work .

Each week the students are set a devised task to develop in small groups. This weekly process culminates in a performance for the rest of the teaching team as well as fellow students of the school. The themes of these short devised performances are closely tied to the lessons that week, thus facilitating practise of the newly acquired techniques and providing stimulation for the student’s imagination.

These performances are shown to the public periodically throughout the year, giving students a chance to see the learning process and development.

First Level


Physical and Vocal Training
Movement Analysis
Improvisation Technique
Stage acrobacy
Devised Theatre Group Work


Everyday life
Neutral mask
Dynamics of Nature
Elements, materials
Animals, typologies

Shapes and objects
Larvarian Masks
Expressive Masks
Character and drama

Music, painting, poetry
Research and creation
Document and staging


Monday to friday
14:30 to 18:30

Second Level


Physical and Vocal training
Applied techniques
Devised Theatre Workshops


Jester, the narrator
Cinema, a language
Melodrama, the passions
Mime drama, the story

Commedia dell’Arte
Human Comedy
Buffoons, the great parody
Tragedy, hero and choir

Circus Clown
Theatre clown
Dramatic Comedy

The actor, the author and the director
The personal project


Monday to friday
9:00 to 14:00

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