Other Courses

The other courses may be an introduction to the Lecoq Pedagogy or a complementary highly specialized training . They are taught by the same team that teaches the Professional Studies or by recognized professionals.

International Theatre Stage 2018

Like every summer, Estudis hosts an International Stage in Barcelona which invites teachers and professionals of the Jacques Lecoq methodology from all over the world into the school.

The Stage entitled “The Two Journeys of Lecoq” explores Jacque’s teachings with his focus on the role of movement, observation and the imagination in theatre-making. It also seeks to deepen the research in subjects at the core of the to levels of the Berty Tovías Program.

The Stage is intended for theatre students and actors from all over the world. Its aim is to provide a meeting point for the exchange of theatrical experiences, thoughts and ideas, across a multimedia spectrum.

Dates: 3rd to 21th july


Course taught by Berty Tovías

This course is addressed to all actors, teachers and stage professionals who are involved in teaching or who want to acquire training as theatre teachers.

  • Dates: From the 4th to 6th of July, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Timetable: from 10h to 14h and 16h to 18h
  • Price: 250 €

For more information please write to info@estudisdeteatre.es




Monday to Friday, 16h to 20h

Technique is essential, although the good technique is an unseen one. We will learn how to move on stage, to use our body and voice, to measure tempo and silence. We will find out what listening is and we will look deeply into the stage set game. The lessons will be dynamic and physical.

  • From 9th  to 13th July: The actor’s game- Interpretation (240 €)
  • From 16th to 20th July: Neutral Mask (200 €)
  • From 23rd to 27th July: Character (200 €)

For more information please write to info@estudisdeteatre.es




Monday to Friday, 10h to 14h

Adventurous journeys to dramatic territories: La Commedia del l’Arte satire, melodrama and human passions, the Clown’s humour, the dreamlike insanity of buffoons and troubadours.. Dynamic and physical lessons.

  • From 9th to 13th July: Narration – The troubador – Storytelling  (240 €)
  • From 16th to 20th July: Drama and comedy (200 €)
  • From 23rd to 27th July: Clown (200 €)

For more information please write to info@estudisdeteatre.es


Post Graduate Program

This course is run every other year, and gives graduates from the Professional Studies the opportunity to create a play among a collaboration of performers. With this goal in mind the school invites well known professionals to join the actor/students as they choose an author or theme, and over the duration of the course develop a joint project around this idea.

Past Post-Gradute projects have centered on areas as diverse as the classics (Homer, Aristofanes, Shakespeare, Molière, Lorca, Genet) to contemporary authors (Berkhoff, Copi, Belbel), as well as current issues such as AIDS, migrations, the elderly or sex.

Creating a Theatrical Collective goes beyond performance knowledge and technique giving the students practice in a broader range of fields, such as stagewrighting, production, set design and construction, theatrical make up and many more. Applicants for the course are from Berty Tovías itself or other International Theatre Schools following a similar line of study, based on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq.

Año Pedagógico

Teacher Training

The Teacher Training Program develops the actor’s knowledge of the Lecoq pedagogy to the substantial depth required in order to become a highly skilled theatrical teacher.

The student of the Teacher Training Program attends all of the First Level of the Professional Training Program, and acts as an assistant to the teacher in the daily tuition. The student participates alongside the teachers in the exercises, corrections, critiques, and evaluations. This process is recorded through a Daily Log.

This is a specialist course aimed at students who have successfully completed the First and Second Level of the Professional Training Program in Estudis (or another equivalent International School based on the Jacques Lecoq pedagogy) and have shown a particular interest in the school’s line of training.


They offer subject- specific courses on areas such as Movement, Vocal Technique and Production, Acting and The Dramatic Mask. These courses are held either once or twice a week, have a duration of 3 to 4 months and are taught by the Professional Studies team or by usual collaborators of the school.

The Labs are open to actors and theatre students seeking to expand their artistic experience, and are beneficial for students over a wide range of disciplines, from directors, stage designers, film-makers, choreographers and musicians, to architects and artists.

At this moment there is no scheduled any course

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